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Daily Scripture & Reflection

23 Jan 2021, 8:15 a.m.
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Daily Scripture

'Peace be within your walls and tranquillity within your palaces.' (Psalm 122 v 7)

Daily Reflection

As I write this, the sky is azure blue and there is a sharp frost on the ground - quite a contrast to the recent bleak, damp & dark weather. The Danish have a particular way of surviving winter which they call “hugge.” They draw the curtains, light a fire, light candles around the house, put on some jumpers, make hot drinks, snuggle under blankets, and talk to each other. We may live in a privileged area of the South of England and many of you may adopt some of the above practices to make your home a warm and welcoming place. But not everyone is that fortunate - my prayer is that we all give a thought and help those who need peace and warmth within their walls.

Lyn Hayes ALM