Church of England Diocese of Canterbury Wittersham

Books and puzzles.

26 Dec 2020, noon

Now that the Servery in the church has been finished, we also have a small library of novels and non-fiction books which anyone is welcome to come and use, or borrow a book.  Under the bookshelves are cupboards with a large number of 1000, and 500 piece jigsaws which are also available for people to borrow.  During the Covid Restriction period the church is only open from 10.00 am - noon, and then 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm. You are welcome to come along and borrow a book or puzzle.  When you return them, there is a special box into which they can be placed for "quarantine" until they can be put out again by our volunteers. You will find the Servery and Library inside the church on the right hand side as soon as you go through the porchway.  There are stewards there to help if needed, when the church is open.