Church of England Diocese of Derby Mackworth

Restoration of All Saints' Mackworth - Update

20 Apr 2021, midnight

Update 20 April, 2021

Concrete spraying to strengthen the columns

Completed 9th April. The safety container has now been removed from site.

Debris removal

During the concrete spraying works and following the discovery of asbestos, the debris removal has been focussed on the external zones of the church. All the external zones are now clear of debris. As a result of the delay due to the asbestos find, we took the decision to defer the start of the second archaeologist until Monday 19th April. Two archaeologists are now established on site and are reported to be keeping Buildzone very busy!

Their original estimated timescale of 70 man days to complete the debris removal still remains. We area also awaiting costs for a secondary container for storing the artefacts that have been / will be recovered.


An asbestos contractor is on site this week to carry out an initial assessment of the debris to identify any asbestos. So far 5 bags of material have been removed internally and externally. It is thought that most of the asbestos tile debris has been identified and removed but this is being continually monitored. Asbestos cement downpipes that are fixed to the walls will be removed at a later date when access is available.

Restraint scaffold

We have completed a cost analysis for various scaffolding options which we are hoping to have approved this week. There are several factors which influence the cost of the scaffolding and deciding on the most economic approach requires several assumptions involving the likely hire periods and the proposed aisle roof reinstatement.

Unstable stonework

We made the decision whilst on site to remove some more unstable stonework the wall between the vestry and north aisle. A localised area of stone appeared very precarious and posed a risk to anyone entering the vestry area. A temporary timber prop has been installed on a temporary basis and the area has been cordoned off. A more robust temporary propping solution will be designed and installed in due course.


The addition of the second archaeologist has pulled the programme in slightly to give an anticipated a completion date of 27th May. There are still some factors which could affect this and these are outlined in the Key Risks section below.

Electrical connection

We now have a quote for establishing this connection and are awaiting approval for access to the tower for inspection of the clock and bells. Debris removal is now concentrated on the nave of the church. We therefore anticipate the tower being accessible for the inspection to be carried out w/c 26th April.

Hirst conservation- Mundy Tomb

Hirst conservation will be attending site on Wednesday 21st April to carry out their further assessment of the Mundy Tomb including fibreoptic investigation.

Forensic scientist

Completed the site investigation Thursday 15th April.

Items removed

Whilst the crane was on site to remove the container, several other large items were removed from the debris. These include water tanks, a filing cabinet and the safe. These will be disposed of in due course unless instructed otherwise.

Future Key risks

Debris clearance- heavy rubble removal puts more pressure on Buildzone to keep the momentum of the debris removal going.

Scaffolding procurement and installation takes time.

Investigate the presence of a Chancel crypt

Further asbestos discoveries may be made in the rema