Church of England Diocese of London St. Paul and St. Luke, Finchley

These events occur regularly throughout the calendar year.


Open for Private Prayer

Every Saturday at 10 a.m. for 2hr

50 Long Lane

We are now open for private prayer on Saturdays from 10am till 12 noon.
We invite you to spend some time in our special building for reflection or silent prayer.

We are working hard to ensure the building is clean and safe. Physical distancing and hygiene guidelines will need to be observed at all times. Hand sanitizer is available to use.

Enjoy the peace, the time to pray and God’s loving presence with you in our building.

We are currently reviewing both the government guidance and the Church of England guidance about reopening for public worship.

We are still meeting as a community and to connect with us online, please contact us to attend. We’d love to welcome you and have you join us for our online acts of worship.


Open Door, 10am Sunday Service

Every Sunday at 10 a.m. for 1hr 15m

50 Long Lane

Open Door is our Sunday morning service.

Note: In response to COVID-19, as of 29 March 2020 we have moved our services online for the foreseeable future. To participate in an online service, please contact us for access details.


Staff Meeting & Prayers

Every Tuesday at 9 a.m. for 1hr

50 Long Lane

We're praying for you!
Our church office staff and clergy gather weekly to pray for the St Paul's Finchley congregation, community and issues affecting the nations.

Morning Worship/Prayer