Church of England Diocese of Portsmouth St. Mary, Portsea

August Awakenings

30 Jul 2021, 12:15 a.m.
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The announcements from the Government around July 19th have led to a shift in culture. We are no longer held accountable by regulations and restrictions. Instead, we are now all ‘responsible’ for the actions we take and the way we respond to COVID. However, although no legal regulation there are various documents of guidance and recommendation with encouragement to do certain things – both issued by the Government and the Church of England. It was reassuring most of these appeared on the Friday before we were due to implement on the Monday!

The PCC met to discuss the situation and how we as a Parish would respond. It was agreed that our guiding principle was to balance the various individual wants and wishes with the needs and weekly being of the whole Body of Christ. We have within our community the full spectrum of response – why can’t we just return to ‘normal’? through to ‘I don’t yet feel safe or comfortable being with others. – and a whole range of shades of thinking in between!

The PCC has approved a gradual change over the coming weeks – testing and checking how comfortable people feel and monitoring the wider context in society. We will throughout the coming weeks always maintain in each Church areas set up and following the previous regulations – so please do come and sit there if you would feel ‘safer’ doing so.
In general the following are the key steps:

We are requesting and advising that we continue to wear face coverings for worship and while indoors. If you wish to not wear a face covering, we ask that you respect one another and sit in the area at the front (East End). From Sunday Aug 1st St Mary’s will establish an area at the front of some chairs in rows for those who wish to sit there.
The West end of the Church will remain socially distanced. St Faith’s and St Wilfrid’s will also review their seating.

Full details and coming events in the attached document.