Church of England Diocese of Sheffield Saint Hugh of Lincoln, New Cantley

Updated Covid Safety Information

22 Jul 2021, 10:15 p.m.

Please try to remember that while we no longer need to book to attend Mass, we will keep a form of register of those who attend and;

A ‘One Way system’ for Sundays,

Hand Sanitizer is available and encouraged for all to use as we enter Church,

Face coverings and Social distancing are a personal decision and we should respect each others choices in this matter.

We will continue to share the peace without physical contact.

Holy Communion will remain in one kind only and will be taken standing at the Sanctuary step.

The priest will continue to Sanitize and wear a mask for the distribution of the Sacrament.

Please continue to clean/sanitize your seat after the Mass and return your hymn book to the box by the exit.