Thank you for looking at this site for All Saints Church, Boyne Hill in Maidenhead.

The Parish Office is open Mondays to Fridays from 10am to 1pm.  Emails and telephone messages are monitored and responded to as soon as possible..

We are as a community keen to make contact with you and if you would like to visit our website at you will find the following information:

1. Link to streaming of Church of England and Oxford Diocesan services

2. Link to services from Walsingham

3. Weekly newsletter containing a sermon, articles, bible studies, children’s studies, readings, collects and hymns and music for weekend services.

4. Blogs written by the parish priest Fr Jeremy 

5. Prayer videos

6. Music by All Saints Choir

7. Comprehensive information on the church of All Saints designed by the Victorian architect George Street, famous also for his design of the London Law Courts. The church was designed with some likeness to an Oxford College with surrounding buildings and a quadrangle. The original building had a school for education of the young, Alms houses which we still run and curates house. The vision of education of the young and pastoral care continues to this day through our links to the schools and through a pastoral care team.

We do hope that you may like to share the Christian journey of faith with us.


Fr Jeremy