Church of England Diocese of Winchester Whitchurch with Tufton and Litchfield

These events occur regularly throughout the calendar year.



Every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. for 1hr 15m

Church Street

For details of Services and when the church is open for prayer during COVID restrictions please visit our website.

Worship takes place through the week at All Hallows, with Communion on Wednesdays and Evening Prayer on Sundays. The Sacrament is reserved. Our best-attended service is on Sunday mornings for the Eucharist at All Hallows where for normal services we expect 65 – 70 people plus 15 – 20 under 16’s. For festivals, such as Remembrance Sunday, this increases to 200 with 200 plus 140 under 16’s worshipping in 2017.

Our routine of worship is built around the weekly Eucharist at 10:00am at All Hallows, with traditional hymns from Common Praise. This service is well attended and is valued by the loyal congregation. Over the last few years we have introduced a Praise Communion once a month, aiming to provide a less formal and more age inclusive style of service. This has allowed us to begin to introduce some modern songs and include our other musicians. We are open to exploring new forms of praise and worship, while retaining the liturgy and traditions that are so important to many. Our priority is to remain welcoming and inclusive to all who come through our doors looking to praise God and worship with us. We value and celebrate the wide range of traditions and backgrounds represented in our congregation.

A small but regular congregation attends the twice monthly services at St Mary’s Tufton. All come from Whitchurch. Sadly, none of the village residents attend the church (apart from very occasional services) although some have been involved in fundraising and in locking and unlocking the church daily.

St James the Less, Litchfield is a thriving village church with its own house-for-duty Priest. The parsonage is provided by Mr Christopher Wills of the Litchfield Estate. There is also a trust to which the DCC of St James can apply for repairs to the fabric of the church.
All services are sung and from the BCP. The first Sunday of the month is Holy Communion and on the third Sunday it is Matins – both services are at 10am. When there is a fifth Sunday we have Evensong at 6pm. We are blessed by having the support of an excellent organist and a LLM. The normal attendance is about 25 with 55-60 on Easter Day and at Christmas

Eucharist/Holy Communion Event held in a Church