Church of England Diocese of Worcester Overbury with Teddington, Alstone and Little Washbourne with Beckford and Ashton

Lent Course 2021

10 Feb 2021, 2 p.m.

Where is God, in this Coronavirus epidemic and how does he act, directly or through human agents? How is our faith faring in these bleak times? What of science, often thought to compete with faith: is the vaccine saving the world and, conversely what about the precariousness of human knowledge? As individuals, we’re more conscious of the fragility and tragedy of the human condition and seek to build resilient patterns of human flourishing. As a nation and world, new divisions and injustices have been exposed, and our core values have been threatened even though, for a brief time, the whole world is in the same boat. Is this the time for a new moral and social reconfiguring of our national life? Then there’s the Church, whose attendances are fast becoming unsustainable, whilst innovative forms of ‘meeting’ are drawing in churchhoppers.

God, Science, Individuals, Society and Church are the five themes for the 2021 Lent Zoom study. The 90 minute session will start with a 30-40 minute talk, drawing on biblical and other resources. There will be space for questions, work in groups using handouts, and a gathering together and closing prayers. The meetings will take place on Wednesdays at 7pm from 24th February.

If you would like to raise questions or issues now or at any time during the course, please email me at [email protected], citing ‘Lent’. Canon Roger Spiller