Church of England Diocese of York St. Martin on the Hill Scarborough

Covid Update - July 19th 2021

19 Jul 2021, 6 p.m.

Following the lifting of legal restrictions on July 19th the Church of  England issued guidance to parishes as to what was permissible from that date. 

From a regulatory point of view: 

1. There is no legal requirement to wear a mask inside church buildings

2. There is no legal requirement to socially distance

3. Communion can be offered in two kinds

4. Congregational singing can recommence

5. Refreshments can now be offered at the end of services

What you can do legally and what parishioners are comfortable with are two different things. 

The decision as to what change are made falls on the Incumbent. As he is responsible for the care both physically and mentally towards those who attend the church consultation took place with the parishioners. 

Following this consultation it was agreed there would be no changes to the current arrangements. 

In short, parishioners would be encouraged, if they are able, to continue to wear masks, social distancing would remain, communion would continue to be offered in one kind, there would be no congregational singing and visitors would be asked to continue to hand sanitize on entering and leaving the building and when receiving communion. 

These arrangements would be under review dependent on the national situation.