Lent Meditations


<font face="Calibri" size="3">These early months of 2021 seem to be very much about looking with hope: for the first signs of Spring, for the Covid vaccination efforts to succeed, for the positive news in politics, economics and so much more. The season of Lent will be upon us shortly, and whilst it's traditionally a time of self-denial and introspection, it's also about looking with hope: for grace, for renewed strength in our spiritual lives, and looking forwards to the great blessing and joy of Easter.</font>

<font face="Calibri" size="3">One way in which we hope to help you in this endeavour is through a series of short video meditation. Based loosely on the Lord's Prayer, and lasting about 10-12 minutes, each of the six videos will bring you some music, beautiful images, a reflective meditation, and a poem.</font>

<font face="Calibri" size="3">If you, or someone you know, does not have access to the internet, but would like these meditations to be made available on a DVD, please let the office know - [email protected]</font>

You can view them here.