Church of England Diocese of Norwich Little Melton

Messy Church

12 Oct 2021, 8 p.m.

Our theme was Noah’s Ark and how it is relevant to us today. We started with the bible story of Noah and the building of the ark with some of the children acting out bits of the story as it was told. We then talked about the problems in our environment today and how we could help in our own small way. We then had some prayers and sang “Who put the colours in the rainbow?” before starting on the activities. With our environment and re-cycling in mind, bags were made from old, discarded t-shirts. The children also wrote on paper leaves their ideas of how we can look after our planet which they attached to a paper tree. It was a “messy church” so there had to be some messy paints available to use for turning paper plates into animal faces! After all this activity we enjoyed a well-earned meal together in the church kitchen.