Church of England Diocese of Leicester Scalford with Wycombe and Chadwell

St Egelwin's church gets grant

10 Nov 2020, noon

 St Egelwin’s church has received a grant of £19 800 to meet the costs of restoring drainage around the church foundations. Built from soft ironstone, the church has been affected by climate change with gutters and drains unable to cope with recent heavier downpours of rain. The grant is to be used to create a drainage system fit for purpose with french drains and new soakaways.

Help for Heritage as St. Egelwin’s Church, Scalford receives lifeline from Government’s Culture Recovery Fund.

Penny Clemons, the churchwarden, says “The church has suffered an increasing damp problem affecting outer stonework and inside plasterwork. This lifeline is a great help and work will commence just as soon as plans and contracts are finalised. The church has been a focal part of Scalford village for nearly 1000 years and we need to make sure it lasts.”