Church of England Diocese of Oxford Holy Trinity, Windsor

Trinity Tour 3

7 Apr 2020, 5 p.m.

The clock was made by William Potts & Sons – a well known maker of public clocks at the time. It has a face on each of the four sides of the tower which is situated at the west end of the church.  It was installed in 1897 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee on 20 June that year. She visited on 15 July to inspect the clock. The story goes that she was a little late and the rector asked for the clock to be put back so as not to embarrass the Queen – on arrival she pointed out that the clock was behind time.

The clock is a smaller edition of the Great Westminster Clock (Big Ben). The dials are 4 feet in diameter, the figures 5 inches high and minute spaces 2 inches wide. The clock faces were originally gas lit and each had a crown above it (these were probably made of iron and would have eventually fallen off - there is no evidence of them now).

The chimes are those of Big Ben so are set to the prayer:

All through this hour

Lord, be my guide

And by the power

no foot shall slide

The clock originally had to be wound once a week but in 1995 an automatic clock winding mechanism was installed. The (very heavy) redundant driving weights were removed by members of the Household Cavalry Regiment - there are 71 steps from the road to the clock chamber (plus 29 to the bell chamber).