Church of England Diocese of Oxford Holy Trinity, Windsor

Trinity Tour 10

19 May 2020, 5 p.m.

In 1884 an Autograph Book was presented to the Revd Arthur Robins (Rector 1873-1899) by the then Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII.  The cover is ivory inlaid with a silver inscribed badge (which has written on it "Given by HRH the Prince of Wales to the Revd Arthur Robins Christmas 1884").  The Prince and his family all signed the first page of the book (pictured) and it was later signed by other members of the Royal family (including Queen Victoria), many European royals (including the Tsar of Russia and his wife, then fiancee), politicians (including several prime ministers), high-ranking army officers and well known actors of the day.  Today guests staying at Windsor Castle don't usually find their way to Holy Trinity but most recently those invited to attend the service marking the 175th anniversary of the church in 2019 were invited to sign the book.  It is a wonderful record of those who have passed through Holy Trinity's doors in the past 135 years (and we should probably mention that the book resides in a particularly secure place off-site!).