Church of England Diocese of Oxford Holy Trinity, Windsor

Trinity Tour 11

21 May 2020, 9 a.m.

This amazing picture is courtesy of Dawson Steeplejacks and was taken from inside the top of the spire. You can make out the top row of bells (there are eight in total) below. The bells are connected to the clock, the carillon and a single bell rope which hangs near the main door for a sidesperson to ring.

The carillon was given in 1949 by the Household Cavalry Regiment in memory of those who fell in the Second World War.  It is frequently rung at weddings and on special occasions. 

A single bell is sometimes rung to let the parish know a service is about to start (thirty three times—Christ’s age when He was crucified, rose and ascended) and at funerals (in groups of one for a child, two for a woman and three for a man).

If you’ve walked past the church recently you will have noticed that the spire is netted at the moment. This is a preventative measure as the spire needs some significant work.