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Messy Church at Pentecost

29 May 2020, 9:30 p.m.
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Messy Church at home is celebrating Pentecost this weekend.

Pentecost, when we celebrate the birthday of the church, is on Sunday 31st May. The first Pentecost was just after Jesus was taken up to heaven, and his disciples had come together and all of a sudden a strong wind blew and tongues of fire appeared from the tops of their heads and they were filled with the Holy Spirit (just as Jesus had said) and began speaking in lots of different languages.

If we had been able to meet we would probably have celebrated Pentecost with a birthday cake, but we'll do that another time I hope.

Instead here is a little Pentecost activity to make at home, its called Flying Flames. I hope the 2 photos are self explanatory - its basically a flame shaped peashooter!

You cut out the flame shape on card and colour in yellow, orange and red.

On the back, with sellotape, stick a tube shaped piece of paper. Put a straw into the paper tube and to launch your flying flame just blow and your flame should go up in the air (take care not to point it at anyone's face).Hope you enjoy.

If you would like to join the Sunday Service, in your home, at 11am to celebrate Pentecost by Zoom you will be very welcome. Just install Zoom on your device and contact Rev Delphine or Roger in advance so that you can be sent the service ID and password.(phone 01785 714527) .

Take care, stay safe and God Bless.

Eleanor and the Messy Church team