Church of England Diocese of Lichfield Acton Trussell with Bednall

Messy Church at home- All Creatures great & small

24 Aug 2020, 8:30 p.m.

Hi All - we have missed seeing you - hope you and the family are well.

If you managed to get away on holiday hope you had a good time.

At this time of year some of you will be thinking of starting or going back to school (or nursery/playgroup) but not just yet!

As we can't get together for Messy Church for the time being, we have

an activity we thought you might like to try.

This time we're thinking of God's tiny creatures and hope you can make a Tin Can Insect House, similar to the one you can see in the picture.

You will need a tin can, pieces of bamboo stick (you can add cones and twigs to make a nice tight fit), paint (acrylic is best), varnish (or maybe you can borrow Mum's nail varnish!) and some strong string to hang your insect house from the branch of a tree.

Have fun and please send us a photo of your insect house creations.

Just to let you know that All Saints and St James churches are not reopening just yet and this is going to be reviewed in early September - in the meantime you are welcome to join the online Sunday Zoom services at 11am by contacting Roger Howarth on 01785 714527

We will be keeping in touch with all Messy Church families either with at home activities or by Zoom session.

In the meantime take care, stay safe, God Bless.

Eleanor, Delphine and the Messy Church Team