Church of England Diocese of Lichfield Acton Trussell with Bednall

Christingle Carol Service on Christmas Eve

21 Dec 2020, 7:15 p.m.

You are invited to join the Christingle Carol Service which will be held online via Zoom on 24th December at 4.30pm. This is a service for all ages to enjoy in the comfort of your own home- there will be carols to sing and the lighting of Christingles. We usually make the Christingles in church but as we are online this year please can you make your Christingles at home in advance of the service.

Here's a picture of a Christingle and a list of what you need the make one.

An orange, red tape or ribbon, a candle, small piece of silver foil to plant the candle in the orange and catch the drips of wax, 4 cocktail sticks and sweets and fruit to put on the sticks (don't eat too many!). You will of course need matches or something to light the candles during the service (adult supervision needed of course).

We will supply some bags of candles, tape and oranges, which you can collect from the porches of both All Saints Church Bednall and St James Church Acton Trussell , while supplies last, if you can add the other items.

Many of the items have been supplied by The Children's Society so we would be grateful if you could make a donation to the society using the link below:-

To access the Christingle Carol service by Zoom please contact Roger Howarth ( 01785714527 or [email protected]) in advance and he will arrange to send a link to the Zoom service.

You will be most welcome at this Christmas Eve service.