Benefice Communion Service

Every Second Sunday at 10 a.m. for 1hr
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Broad Street

Our Benefice Holy Communion is, we like to think, an inclusive service. It is open to all, especially those living in and around Uffington, Shellingford, Woolstone and Baulking, and to those passing through, whether they are on holiday or visiting family and friends. The liturgy and hymns strive to combine the best of the Old with the best of the New. If you like a good sing so much the better (in fact your voice is invaluable). We aim to provide you with a good balance - a chance to draw breath after a busy week; a chance for hearts and minds to join together in thought and worship; to sing, engage with a sermon, think for yourselves about things which matter, and receive the good gifts of God in bread and wine... Heaven in Ordinary...

Common Worship