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Thought for the day - 1st April

1 Apr 2020, 1:30 p.m.

Thought for the day 1st April 2020

Recent thoughts for the day have emphasised, and quite rightly, the perils facing the world today, its possible causes, its ramifications and what is the best way forward.

I have recently started to read the Bible in chronological order and and one of the things about which I read, and to which I did not pay particular attention until today's events concentrated my mind, were the numerous references to the catastrophic consequences that God would wreak on the world, should the Israelites fail to obey the commandments given to Moses, or indeed should they choose to worship any god other than Himself.

Indeed even doubting the Lord and complaining to Moses and his successor Joshua, would incur his displeasure with the same consequences. Luckily confession of their sins with the appropriate sacrifices would restore God's love for his chosen nation.

Although I am assured by those better qualified than myself, that too much credence should not perhaps be given to these writings, as much time and rewritings have passed and considerable historical evidence and investigation, does not necessarily support these writings.

However, I believe that there is no smoke without fire and we must ask ourselves the question, that as a previous writer has mentioned, are we, as the worlds population and all God's children, responsible, through our sins, for the present situation?

And should we not all, every last person on earth, seize the golden opportunity that will be within our grasp when this crisis passes, to confess our sins and determine to live by the laws and commandments, written so firmly in stone, and obey and love the Lord, our Saviour.

I wish every one of you all the best, good health and the necessary strength of spirit to come through this awful time.

God bless.

John and Bernie.