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Thought for the day - 28th April

28 Apr 2020, 11 a.m.

Reflections for Today 28th April 2020

From the real world sublime and challenging

Fear in Funchal

On our return from 70 days at sea with Chaplaincy duties on the ‘Balmoral’,Fred Olsen ship (on the 16th of March) Jane and I had some time to reflect on a number of fears as we entered lock down.

We approached Madeira in the middle of January.There we were informed that there was an opportunity to sledge in the sunshine from the high point of Funchal for two miles down the tarmac road towards the centre of town. It sounded quite crazy. On arrival in Funchal we went to the top of the Mountain by cable car and assessed the actual context of sunny tarmac sledging. As it turned out it was exhilarating and eradicated the fear of the unknown.

On our travels around South America we saw so many communities where fear of poverty, global warming and the fight to preserve the natural world were seen. One of the major fears was the fear of the lack of water supplies in Bonaire and the driest desert in the world where we walked in Arica,Chile.

We followed the news on our ship about the growing threat of Coronavirus from World News networks when we had connectivity.

Fear of the unknown can be the greatest fear. Our hearts go out to those working on the front line, in whatever capacity, in these unknown future times.

We pray for all those who are researching this particular strain of Coronavirus and seeking out an antidote. The more is found out the more fear will be addressed and dissipated.

The Thursday night clap for all our carers paid and unpaid volunteers in the community is inspirational. Those who work in the NHS in hospitals and the wider community and all our utilities appreciate it. They have always had an enormous commitment to the work whatever the uncertainties and challenges. None of them know what they are going to face each day. That also goes for those who serve the residents in the Nursing Homes, Hospices and Care Homes and in the home setting.

Perfect love casts out all fear and we are seeing so much of that in the smallest acts of kindness wherever we are. They count. I am reminded of the hymn ‘….the love of my Lord is the essence…’ which describes the love that saw the terrified, fearful disciples in lock down after the death of Jesus through their terror and uncertainty to renewed hope.

With blessings,

Edward and Jane

Next stop Brazil…….