Church of England Diocese of Chelmsford Westcliff, Saint Alban and Southend, Saint Mark

We are re-wilding our outside spaces!

20 Sep 2021, 8 a.m.
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Alana's message: "If you believe that our UK wildlife deserve better, please stand with me and read on...Wherever you are across our gorgeous United Kingdom, if you agree with me that the wildscaping of Saint Mark's Church is an incredible opportunity to symbolise how easy it can be to live in harmony with our local wildlife, PLEASE support this work. The extent to which we are transforming not only the land itself but the actual structure of the church (removing bricks to swap them for Bird, Bat & Bee Bricks) is unprecedented. From lush, forest fruit sources for local residents alongside creating habitat and year round water sources for local wildlife, this template (when it is replicated by not only other churches, but schools, residential and commercial properties) could create 100s of miles of wildscaped land/habitat and revolutionise our UK relationship with our urban wildlife. (It might sound like a stretch of the imagination but there has been GREAT interest around this venture and we MUST take this chance to set a great example)...Please 'BUY A TOKEN' (check out the great benefits) to fund the final stages of wildscaping work..."