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Coronavirus News

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.St Bede's Update, Saturday 11th April

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

as you will know, churches have had to make the decision to close for services during the Coronavirus Epidemic.
St Bede’s is not open for Church Services until further notice.

This is very sad for us, but it is very important. Our main priority has to be to keep one another safe.

We are going to try to do a number of things to keep our life together and with God flourishing:

1. We need to care for one another, especially those who are isolated, lonely, ill or in quarantine.
We must stay at home except for essential travel or exercise, so we cannot visit one another, but we can keep in touch by phone, and we can try to help you if you are unable to leave your home but need something.
Bear with us as we work this out.
If you have not heard from anyone from St Bede’s for a while – please let Andy or Ann know.
Vicarage – 0121 6930217 andydelmege at
Ann Parry – 0121 4135165 annparry60 at

so we can keep in touch with each other easily, could you let Andy or Ann know if we can share your phone number and email with the rest of the St Bede’s family?

Kings Heath Volunteers Network, who are based locally, can help if with urgent supplies if you cannot leave your home, and also have a telephone buddy system. If you need help from them, or if you can volunteer, contact Peter and Katie on 07796 916021

2. Sunday Services
How can we worship together when we cannot be together?

We are using Zoom to meet for services. It is lovely to see one another's faces and hear each other as we gather to worship God, reflect and pray.

Please ask Andy or Bharti if you need access to Zoom.

If you don’t have a computer, you can ring someone who does. They put you on speakerphone next to their computer and they should be able to hear / be heard.

3. Andy will say Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer daily at 9am and 5pm (except Fridays).
You can join in from your own home.
You can find the service here:…/join-us-service-daily-pra…
It will be lovely to know that we are praying at the same time.

4. Andy will say a Eucharist at 9.15am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
Please let him have any prayer requests.

Please bear with us. It’s going to take a bit of work and some trial and error to get things right.

Obviously if a lot of us become ill, we will have to scale things back for a bit.

We will let you know as new things become available.

Please keep an eye on our website
and our facebook page for updates.

We will get another mailing out soon with details for Holy Week and Easter.

You are in our prayers. Please pray for us.