Church of England Diocese of St.Albans Westoning

Latest newsletter from the Ministers Nigel and Linda

7 Aug 2021, 9 p.m.
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Hello everyone

We hope you have had a good week and are keeping well? It has been a joy this week to watch the athletes' achievements in the Olympics and we admire their dedication, performance and stamina. It has been a busy week for us, with baptisms, weddings and funerals. Nigel and I are pacing ourselves so we get to the finishing line for a breather. We will be 'out of the office' from Monday 9th until Thursday 19th August.

On the infection front, there are encouraging signs countrywide that infection rates are levelling off, but locally infections, particularly in the Toddington area have virtually doubled, and we remain cautious until all rates decrease. We are very grateful to you all for continuing to wear a face mask in church, which will be helping locally to keep infections at bay.

Each of the church PCC's decided to continue with the wearing of facemasks in church, and to avoid singing for a little longer, as we meet in an enclosed space. We look forward to the day when we can sing and gather freely, but for now, Nigel and I are very aware that we are suddenly meeting lots of people each week in different settings, and are keen to keep ourselves, and others safe so the weekly services, the weddings, baptisms and funerals will take place as planned which will enable families to gather together for special occasions after so long apart.

We very much appreciate people wearing masks not only for their own safety but also to keep others safe. Nigel and I have been a little unnerved on a few recent occasions to find ourselves leading services with visiting congregations who have chosen not to put on facemasks despite a request to do so. Even if all or us are double jabbed we can still be carriers of infection and we feel it is important to provide a safe environment in church for all who visit. Thank you for your understanding and support. We particularly emphasise this with care for our Church Wardens, vergers, Sidespeople and organists who serve in church. Thank you all for your care.

This Sunday's services are:

Chalgrave Church, 9.30 am Holy Communion Service in church, led by Linda, followed by cake and refreshments.

NB The planned 'Songs of Praise' 2pm service this Sunday at Chalgrave has been postponed.

Tingrith Church: no service this week.

Harlington Church: 9.30 am Holy Communion Service led by Nigel and Robert

Toddington Church: 11.00 am Holy Communion Service with a Baptism. Led by Linda

Westoning Church: 11.00 am Holy Communion Service, led by Nigel and Jon. Followed by a Baptism service at 12.30 pm.

The Upper Room online service at 6.00 pm by Zoom.. has a theme of 'lies and truth'.

Meeting ID: 817 7028 4611. Zoom access code available from Rev'd Linda. All Welcome

Services this week:

Monday Morning Prayer 9.30 am Toddington Church

Wednesday Morning 10.00 am Holy Communion morning worship Harlington Church

Storytime on Bury Orchard, Harlington, Wednesday 6.00pm (with drink and biscuit before bedtime for the children).

Tomorrow Toddington Parish Council have organised a picnic on the Green from 11.00 am to 4.00pm with stalls from local organisations.

Next week's Sunday services 15 August.

Chalgrave Church 9.30 am Morning Praise led by Malcolm Curtis

Harlington Church 9.30 am Service of the Word led by Robert.. commemorating the Patron Saint of Saint Mary

Tingrith Church 9.30 am Morning Prayer led by Jon

Westoning Church 11.00 am Morning Prayer led by Jon

Toddington Church 11.00 am Morning Praise led by Malcolm Curtis.

The Upper Room will be held at 6.00 pm online by zoom. Access link to be sent later.

Services w/c 15 August

Monday 16th August - Morning Prayer 9.30 am Toddington Church,

Wednesday 18th August - Morning Worship at Harlington Church at 10.00 am

Thursday 19th August - 6.00 pm Storytime on Bury Orchard


Monday 23rd August - Bernard N, Toddington

Tuesday 24th August - Selwyn Davis, Westoning (a private family service)

Thursday 26th August - Marie C, Toddington.

Please pray for these people and for their families and friends who grieve.

Prayer request:

Please pray for healing and wholeness for Rachel Farmer and please hold Stephen, Linda and the family in your prayers.

We send you our love and very best wishes. Keep safe, keep well.

God bless

Linda and Nigel