Church of England Diocese in Europe

These events occur regularly throughout the calendar year.


Sung Eucharist

Every Sunday at 10:45 a.m. for 1hr

Rue O'Quin

Our services will resume on Sunday 7 June. For your security please note the following arrangements:
- Booking system & Pre and post service gatherings.
Numbers attending church will be restricted by physical distancing, so reluctantly we have introduced a booking system, as turning people away will always be difficult. Therefore, if you wish to come to church on Sunday please email Eva on the Churchwardens email address: [email protected], preferably by Saturday lunchtime, so that we can compile a list. If you have reserved and for any reason cannot come, please let us know. Please state how many adults and number of children if appropriate. Ordered entry, seating, movement for Communion and exit will be managed by the churchwardens.
Pre and post service gatherings for fellowship and refreshments should not happen, so no coffee.
- Attendance.
Attendance on arrival at the service will be noted by each person in a registration book. Please bring a pen or pencil. This measure is to facilitate contact tracing if required. There should be no handshaking or physical touch. Please arrive before the service starts so that seating and hygiene procedures can be managed correctly.
- Seating.
We will ensure that the 1m physical distancing rule in France is well respected. Families and individuals of the same household can sit together if they are living together. Children will need to remain in the pews with their parents.
- Hygiene practices.
Each person attending church should carry a pack of tissues to catch coughs and sneezes and it is recommended that each individual or family carry a bottle of hand sanitizer. Face masks must be worn. (Spare masks are available) Hand sanitizing products will be provided at the church entrance. The principle church doors will be maintained in an open position. Door handles, handrails etc will be disinfected on a regular basis. Some windows will be left open to keep the building aired.
- Singing. Congregational singing of hymns is not recommended by Bishop Robert.
- Liturgy
The liturgy will be printed and available at the back of church. (The use of hymn books and service booklets is prohibited) The greeting of the peace will be continued at a distance, no shaking of hands. Holy Communion will be distributed in the form of wafer/bread only. It is clear Anglican theology that the sacrament of Holy Communion is present and complete in either of the consecrated elements.
- Offerings/Collections.
A tray will be placed near the exit for your offerings. Alternatively, church bank details (R.I.B) are available on the website if you prefer to donate in this way
-Toilet Facilities
Disinfectant wipes will be available for cleaning of the loo, door handles etc. and of course hands should be washed after use. Children will need to be accompanied by a parent.

We hope these measure will help you feel at ease during the service , so that you can fully benefit from the peace and spiritual sustenance we all need during this difficult time in our lives.

Eucharist/Holy Communion Family Friendly