Church of England Diocese of Exeter Saint Mark, Exeter

St Mark's favourite hymn poll. the Results

8 Jun 2019, 12:45 p.m.

The hymn poll ignited a lot of comment and discussion amongst the parishioners and a total of 51 different hymns, worship songs and one anthem (The Lord is my Shepherd) were nominated as an individuals favourite. Whilst the majority of the nominations were for traditional hymns, a sizeable minority were for contemporary worship songs, and it is notable that a number of worship songs are amongst St Marks favourites.

The top 9 songs were

1. 10,000 reasons ( Bless the Lord oh my soul) 

2. Love divine 
2. And can it be 

4. In Christ alone 

5. Amazing Grace
5. Blessed be your name

7. Dear Lord and father of mankind
7. Faithfull One.

A full list is available from St Marks.