Church of England Diocese of Exeter Trentishoe

Vicar's Newsletter for Bible Sunday

24 Oct 2020, 2 p.m.

Dear Friends,

This Sunday is Bible Sunday, which is a very good time to think about how we use the Bible in daily life to deepen our relationship with God. Early in the lockdown I suggested some ways of praying with the Bible: Lectio divina where we read a short passage slowly and allow a particular word of phrase to catch our attention so that we can listen and reflect on what God might be saying to us in that word of phrase; imaginative contemplation where we play out a scene in our imagination, perhaps as if we were there, and then talk to God about what we notice; alternatively reading daily Bible notes can be an inspiration for prayer and action.

I am delighted to say that to these suggestions for private prayer, I am now going to add an invitation from Marilyn Sanders, who is on placement with us, to join a Zoom Bible Study group to take you up to Christmas by reflecting together on the texts we would often hear at Carol Services. Marilyn has experience of leading a Bible Study this way and is keen to reassure those who might be put off by technology that she is really happy to help get you over that hurdle. Her invitation is attached with this mail out and I really encourage you to join her in this exploration (labelled "The Coming of the Savoiur which is the name of the course booklet).

At this time of year, we would usually be receiving an invitation to join in the shoe box gift giving of Samaritan’s Purse. The literal shoe-box packing is a casualty of the pandemic but you can find details of the way Samaritans Purse are responding to current challenges, and ways to donate on their website.

Finally, it is a joy to be celebrating with Alex and Bekki, who have defied this year’s setbacks to get married today at Martinhoe – please keep them in your prayers as they begin married life together.

God bless