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Vicar's Newsletter for the Anniversary of the Flood and Feast of Virgin Mary

14 Aug 2021, 4:15 p.m.
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Dear Friends,

The text of the prayers and my sermon was written prior to the tragic shootings in Keyham, Plymouth but in the video I have integrated prayers for the community there, all who were killed and all those bereaved and in shock into what is offered. Let’s keep that community in our prayers over the next week as they bravely support one another and pray too for the police, emergency personnel, medics, church and community leaders and counsellors who are seeking to offer solace and restore a sense of security.

There is a poignancy in praying for a devastated community over the weekend when we mark the anniversary of the flood of 1952. I was struck too, by news of flooding in Japan today, as I have been by reports from across the world in the last month. I know that our commemoration here holds together a range of feelings and thoughts: grief, remembrance, thanksgiving, a sense of honouring the legacy of those who rebuild community life here. We will hold an act of remembrance at 7pm at Lynmouth Church as part of an event led by the Acorns, bring local music to mark the day. I am sure many would wish to attend, but we will need to limit the capacity of the church to remain Covid-aware and if that causes any disappointment I hope you will understand. As with all church gatherings currently we will ask people to wear face coverings.

We also celebrate the feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary (11am at Lynton) this Sunday. She provides a profound example of a life lived through both suffering and joy in full openness to God and in many traditions and through the centuries Christians have found solace for their pain in drawing close to her experience. Perhaps we can pray to share her sense of God in all things as we bring all that is on our hearts to the worship of God this weekend.

God bless


Sunday 15th August

9am Morning Worship (self led) Parracombe

11am Holy Communion, Lynton

7pm Commemoration of the Flood, Lynmouth

Sunday 22nd

9am Holy Communion (BCP) Brendon

11am Holy Communion Lynton

11am Morning Worship (self led) Martinhoe

8.30pm Epilogue Countisbury

Sadly, the concert planned for Monday 16th August at Lynton is unable to take place