About Us

About us/Vision & Values

We’re a lively, diverse, Anglican Church that meets on Sundays and through the week. Together we seek to love and serve the community we live in and by doing so become more like Jesus.

We meet at Christ Church, Northcourt Road and at Long Furlong School on a Sunday and in Life Groups during the week.

As a church we value:

The Bible – which reveals to us the person of Jesus, God’s love for all people and his salvation plan for the world. We place high importance on preaching the Bible with clarity and relevance and letting it guide our discussions and our day to day lifestyle choices.

The Spirit – we seek to be open to the renewing work of the Holy Spirit, forming Christlikeness in our character, equipping us with his gifts, so that we bring glory to Jesus

Worship – we believe we were formed to worship the living God, and we express this in a variety of styles across our different gatherings

Prayer – everything we do is underpinned by prayer.

Relationships – we seek to form communities through individual small (life) groups and to come alongside those who may be struggling. We seek positive relationships with other churches and are committed members of the Church in Abingdon.

We’d love to meet you, so make yourself known in our Welcome Corner at Northcourt Road.