About Us

We are a lively and growing church on the eastern outskirts of Reading with a congregation drawn from diverse backgrounds.  We are growing not just in terms of numbers but of also in faith, and a deepening sense of our spiritual identity.   

We have a fantastic Centre - with a cafe welcome space. 

We aren’t keen on labels.  At St Nicolas we want everyone to feel welcome.  We have people here from all sorts of church backgrounds, and people who are brand new to faith and church.

We want to be God-centred and genuine in all we do. That includes the times when we meet at church for services.  At the heart of our worship is the Eucharist, which means thanksgiving and is sometimes called Holy Communion. During worship everyone is invited to share the bread and wine of Holy Communion as a way of knowing that God is with us and loves us.

God made each of us different. He loves and affirms each of us. God is with us and in us in every aspect of our lives, seven days a week.  We believe that being a Christian is about being who we are, wherever we are, at work, at rest, at play. It’s not just about Sunday.

We would love to welcome you.
Open to God...    Open to one another...  Open to the community

Our vision: We are followers of Christ who believe and seek to demonstrate that God is with and for all people