Church of England Diocese of Blackburn St. Stephen Blackpool

St Stephen On-The-Cliffs

We are an Anglo-Catholic church, maintaining traditional Catholic liturgy, preaching and teaching as the Church of England has received it. This is reflected in our style of worship and music.

We welcome everyone, irrespective of faith or belief, as one of God’s children and invite all who are full members of other Christian denominations to receive communion at Mass.

Anyone who attends a service is invited to come to the altar at the time of communion to receive a blessing.

Our church building is here for everyone and we try to keep it open most days from morning through to early evening. You are welcome to come along whether is to look at our beautiful building, visit the Actor's Chapel or to sit in quiet prayer and light a candle.

Our Mission Statement

To promote and maintain the Holy Catholic Faith through our own example of worship, spiritual life and service.

To achive this we will:

Strive to maintain the richness of tradition Anglo-Catholic worship

Endeavour to encourage and foster both newcomers to the faith and also our fellow Christians through private devotion, common prayer and spiritual refreshment for all

Seek to maintain an oasis of prayer and spiritual refreshment for all

Be committed to the creation of a welcoming and serving community through the care of both young and old in north shore

Seek to make the Good News of Christ known through Word and Sacramennt through joyful fellowship and loving service

We seek to do all this under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and through the saving grace of our Risen Saviour Jesus Christ.

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Evening Service

Every Sunday at 6 p.m. for 1hr

Holmfield Road

Our Sunday evening service varies throughout the year and includes traditional Prayer Book Evening Prayer, Compline, Stations of the Cross or Healing Service. The last Sunday of the month usually includes Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

Family Friendly Book of Common Prayer
St Stephen On-The-Cliffs Charity No. 1131959