About Us

We are part of the Earsham Benefice

St. Michael's is an interesting church built in the 13th Century that has (in common with several other Norfolk churches) a very isolated situation, out of the village, amongst byways and about a quarter of a mile along a field track.

The church, however, stands well, facing open country and can be seen for some distance and is in a beautiful setting.

Broome Hall, which was demolished in 1825, stood about 150 yards to the north of the church with the village being a mile to the south.

For anyone wishing to spend a time of quiet or visit the church, we have a team who try to unlock the church every day of the week during daylight hours. If you are coming as a group or travelling a long way, we recommend phoning or e-mailing the office just to check that there is no gap on the rota for that day.

Due to it's wonderful setting there are no toilets, running water or electricity in the church building, but it does have good heating, the best in the Benefice.

We have a service every Sunday at 9:30am. On the 5th Sunday it's a Benefice service. To find out what type of service please visit the Benefice website.  

The church is found in a field off Rectory Road. There is a car park at the church. If the gates to the farmer's track are closed then park you car on the side of the road and walk up. For Sat Nav's the postcode is NR35 2HU but that will not take you exactly to the church door.

More information can be found on the Benefice website:- www.earshambenefice.org.uk