About Us

This is the largest parish church in the benefice serving the largest community. Average Sunday attendance is about 50 with service held every week at 9.30am. Once a month there is an All-age worship service, often lay led, which is also when our baptism services are normally held. On the second Sunday our Sunday Club meet, initially in the Church and then continue in the Octagon, coming through for a blessing and reporting back on what they had been learning about. On the other Sundays we hold a 'Common Worship' Communion Service. Adjoining the church is an Octagon Meeting room with accompanying vestry, toilet and kitchen facilities. These are used throughout the week by various adult and children's groups from within the church and by the wider community.
We welcome everybody of any age and at any stage of their Christian journey. Please introduce yourself and let us know how you heard about us. We would welcome the opportunity to get to know you and help you draw closer to God.