About Us

Welcome to Gressenhall Church

St Mary's church stands a little out of the village on the crown of a low hill just a mile south west of the village green. This lovely, ancient building is the home of a living fellowship of local Christian people. Our aim, as we meet each Sunday morning at 11.00am and informally at other times during the week, is to encourage and support one another and to learn from God's Word how to live in a way that brings honour to his name.

Although it may vary at holiday times, our typical pattern of services for each month is; first Sunday, Family Service, second, Holy Communion, third, Guest Service, fourth, Morning Prayer, fifth, Family Service.

In the church, the great east window depicts the Good Samaritan and we long to reflect our heavenly Father's love and see to his name honoured in practical ways in our community, in our work and in our homes.

The great west window, the crucifixion scene, declares the basis of our peace with God. Forgiveness, true membership of his kingdom and our hope of heaven are all tied to the mercy of God in that precious cross. We long that each person visiting and attending our church, might discover peace with God; be 'ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven', through our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God who loved us and gave himself for us.

You are most cordially invited to join us on Sunday morning, visiting on other occasions is by appointment.