Comfort and Joy

Comfort and Joy is the Church of England's Christmas campaign for 2020.

Comfort and Joy holds together the hope that Christmas will bring joy and celebration after a uniquely difficult year with an acknowledgement that – for those who have lost loved ones or livelihoods, or who are potentially still not able to be together with loved ones – it may be the Church’s role, both nationally and locally, to provide consolation, rather than assume everyone will be ready to join in jubilation. We also have to anticipate there may be further spikes.

This Christmas the Church will need, in the words of St Paul in Romans 12.15, to ‘Rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who weep’. We will aim to celebrate where we can together in one place – but also embrace a wider community that wants to join in the celebration but may not be physically able – or emotionally ready – to do so. We hope that Comfort and Joy will enable us to build a campaign that both enables us to reconnect with the rich and joyous traditions of the past and to offer God’s consoling love in the present. 

<ul><li>Comfort and Joy logos</li><li>Comfort and Joy presentation for use at PCC or Christmas planning meetings</li></ul>

More resources will be released in the coming weeks, so please do look out for those in the coming weeks:

<ul><li>Orders of Services for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany </li></ul>