About Us

Welcome to the ACNY Website of The Parish Church of Holy Trinity, Hempton. I sincerely hope you'll find the information provided both interesting and of use. 

This small Parish Church is an ancient foundation and we still persevere to maintain traditional forms of worship and remain faithful to the teachings of the Apostles.

We are a small, but faithful congregation, most welcoming and eager to share our fellowship.

Situated on the edge of Fakenham, the church is sited on The Green as you approach the Fakenham/Kings Lynn roundabout from Swaffham.  We are, of course very close to Walsingham, so why not pay us a visit either on your way there, or on the way back? A telephone call will suffice to ensure the church is unlocked if possible.

Even during covid restritions, we will be happy to open Holy Trinity for your private prayer.

Fr. Andrew Davey - Assistant Priest