About Us

At St John's we do our best to give a warm welcome to everyone who visits us.

We are part of the Church of England and broadly evangelical in style. We value the best of the old and the best of the new. So the Victorian worship area is complemented by a modern area for meetings and coffee; we sing rousing hymns alongside modern songs; and we concern ourselves with both the heritage of Scripture and the needs of the world today.

St John's enjoys good friendships with our neighbours in the town centre. Approximately 1500 homes, plus a variety of shops and offices, fall within the parish. With a special focus on this area, we work with local people, host special events, and pay visits to people of all ages.

We meet as a fellowship for morning and evening services every Sunday, and for smaller group meetings during the week. We hold special services for families living within the parish, particularly baptisms (christenings), weddings, and funerals. We hold events throughout the year, such as fayres, festivals, musical coffee mornings, and an after-school club. We visit schools, the local college, the Air Cadets, care homes, a support group for adults, and others besides. Now and again they come to us!

As a church committed to loving God, our aims are:
"¢To bring others to Christ
"¢To grow in unity, fellowship and prayer
"¢To serve the community
"¢To recognise that all people are of equal worth.