Facilities and features


it is possible to park outside the church, but there is access to a barn which also uses the same drive way.
It is used for church services.

Our Building

the building is accessed by a flight of 5 steps but there is disabled access into the churchyard and then from there into the church but it is advisable to have help. the church is small (45) and has no toilets or other facilities. the church is at least 800 years old.

Music and Worship

Groups, Courses and Activities

there is usually coffee after a service.

Help for Visitors

there is a history of the church guide.

the church is unlocked.

Other Features

we support Ledbury food bank.

the area around the church is a conservation area.

a medieval barn close to the church (in private ownership) is available to book for private functions and is also used for church fundraising events throughout the year.