About Us

Diddlebury is part of the Corvedale Group of Churches, which also includes Abdon, Broadstone, Culmington Holdgate, Munslow and Tugford.

We are a friendly church and always makes visitors and new worshippers very welcome. There are services here on most Sundays - check the "Services and Events" for details. The church is a popular venue for weddings and couples come from all over the country to be married here.

The church building itself is an interesting: it is believed to have been built in around 1010 and retains some pre-Conquest features although it has been altered and restored at various times since. 

Of especial interest is the Royal Coat of Arms of William III (not William and Mary) dated 1701. This in itself is unusual, but when it was taken down for cleaning and  restoration from its position on the west wall of the nave a couple of years ago a second painting was found on the back, the existence of which was completely unknown. This purports to be the Coat of Arms of the Prince of Wales. At the time there wasn't an official Prince of Wales and it can only relate to James Stuart, the "Old Pretender". As such this painting would have been highly treasonous and it is therefore not surprising that it remained hidden from view for over 300 years! It is believed to be unique.

The painting now hang just inside the church and both sides are visible.