About Us

We are Christians of all ages who have discovered the joy and fulfilment of knowing God, who loves us,
sent His Son Jesus Christ to save us and delights in the worship of His people.
We welcome people of all ages and stages of their journey of faith.

Our Vision statement is: Worshipping God, Following Jesus, Sharing His Love.

Drawn from different Church backgrounds, in our services we try

to welcome warmly all who wish to worship with us to draw from the riches of the whole Church of England to teach and preach the Christian faith revealed in the Bible  to know the power and presence of God the Holy Spirit in a real way.

The Christian faith isn’t just for Sundays – and certainly isn’t only about going to Church.  
As a Church, we seek to encourage and equip the whole congregation to follow Jesus with our whole lives.

Christians want to tell others about Jesus, sharing God’s love.  
St Michael’s seeks to serve our community and support Christian mission across the world.