About Us

Middleton-in-Chirbury is one of the five parishes in our Group, which is very rural and straddles the Shropshire / Montgomeryshire border. 

Holy Trinity is the parish church, and is in England - it's a lovely peaceful village church situated on the Rorrington to Priestweston road. It is open all the time, and has a ramp (stored inside the porch) for ease of access.   There is also a chapel of ease at Corndon Marsh, which is (just!) in Wales. Middleton is a simple Victorian stone church, but inside there is a treasure trove of carving - of the stone columns, the pew ends and almost anything that could be worked on - the work of a previous Vicar, Revd Waldegrave Brewster. Some of the carvings are Christian symbols, but others illustrate local legends like the story of Mitchell's Fold, a nearby stone circle, and the signs of the Zodiac. Some of the faces on pew ends may well have been modelled on local folk!

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