Church of England Diocese of Hereford Presteigne with Discoed

Future church services as at 3 November

4 Nov 2020, 11:30 a.m.

Services in the Presteigne Group of Parishes, as at 3 November 2020

Dear Friends

You will probably be aware by now that recent announcements by the English and Welsh Governments are having a major impact on church life on both sides of the border - and, therefore, for the churches in our Benefice.

As far as I understand it, (and as it stands today - who knows what will happen tomorrow?!) the situation is as follows...

Due to the English lockdown there can be no Sunday services in Kinsham, Lingen or Knill until the 9.30 Morning Prayer service at Lingen on December 6th.

Hence, although the church buildings can be left open for private prayer, sadly

the Holy Communion scheduled for Knill on Sunday Nov 8th,

the Holy Communion  scheduled for Lingen on November 15th

and the Morning Prayer scheduled for Kinsham on November 22nd

are all cancelled.

When the Welsh lockdown ends on Monday November 9th

Sunday services can restart in Presteigne and Discoed and churches can reopen for private prayer.

Hence, although the Remembrance Sunday service scheduled for Presteigne on November 8th remains cancelled there will be

a Holy Communion according to the Book of Common Prayer in Presteigne on November 15th

a Morning Service (Common Worship) in Presteigne and a Holy Communion (Common Worship) in Discoed on November 22nd

a Special Service for Advent in Presteigne on November 29th

and a Holy Communion (Common Worship) in Presteigne on December 6th.

I have to remind church members in England that, regrettably, travel across the border to attend worship in Presteigne or Discoed is not permissible under Welsh Government regulations.

I'm really sorry and very sad about the closures but there is very little we can do about it.

I understand that representations are being made to the Westminster Government by the leaders of various Christian denominations and of other faiths, so the situation may change in England.

I will be in touch with you again if there is a change of heart and people of faith are once again allowed to freely practice their religious duties.

Of course, I'll be sending out services and readings every weekend (by email and on paper) as before, but if you haven't been receiving these and would like to do so, please get in touch.

With every best wish and prayer


Rev. Prebendary Stephen Hollinghurst