Church of England Diocese of Oxford Great Chesham

Our values


We are a church committed to the worship of God

The purpose of our human existence is to bring glory to God and enjoy his friendship. We meet as a church to worship God together through Christ by His Spirit, so that we may be better able to worship Him in every aspect of our lives.

Our worship of God is expressed by a passionate commitment to…

… the Bible as the word of God.

The Bible is the means by which God shows us how to worship Him through Jesus Christ. It is our final authority in all matters of faith and conduct. Bible teaching is at the centre of everything that we do.

… personal and corporate prayer

God has ordained prayer as his means to recognise our dependence, to  strengthen our faith in Him and involve us in His work. Therefore prayer  underpins everything that we do.

… local and global mission

God commands us to make known the good news of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour by word and deed. We seek to do this by…

* encouraging personal and church-based evangelism;

* serving the community to show the caring love of God for others;

* making our church services accessible and our welcome of newcomers warm;

* supporting the work of mission partners and organisations across the world.

… living as the family of God

With the help of Holy Spirit, we seek to nurture the growth of people of all ages, backgrounds and life situations, in godliness and holy living. We aim to love one another and share each other’s joys and sorrows.

… wise stewardship of God’s world

Everything belongs to God, so we encourage cheerful and generous giving; engagement with issues of social justice; and the responsible use of His resources.