About Us

Sutton Hill Church

Sutton Hill Church is an Anglican Christian Fellowship which meets in a modern versatile building approximately 55 years old, situated in the centre of Sutton Hill housing estate, in the south of Telford. We are actively involved in our community in many ways and have close links with our sister church in Woodisde and the other churches in the Severn Link Group and the wider deanery. We are a community church in the heart of our community, a dedicated group of people, travelling together on our faith journey with Jesus, sharing the Good News in both word and actions.

The church building consists of a chapel, which seats up to 100, a coffee bar area, a large meeting room and the parish office. The versatile seating arrangement has enabled it to be used for Alpha courses, parish and group social events, such as Agape Supper, meetings, Messy Church and Experience Easter. The church is also regularly used by the local community.

Weekly attendance is around 20 adults and 5 - 10 children.

Sutton Hill Church has an ecumenical tradition. It began life as an Local Ecumenical Project but currently, the Church of England is the only participating denomination. Worship is joyful and is based on Common Worship and many members of the congregation participate by leading services, reading and leading intercessions.

Sutton Hill Church is situated at the heart of the community of Sutton Hill estate, next to the supermarket, the Hub Community Centre and Sir Alexander Fleming Primary School. Its location is also a fine witness to the presence of God’s people at the heart of the community.