About Us

St Anna’s serves a small rural community with farming the predominant occupation of the area.      The church has an enthusiastic and energetic congregation which worships at communion services twice a month.

As with all old churches, the cost of maintaining the fabric is a constant concern.  Funds for the upkeep of St Anna’s are raised through the annual fête, concerts, suppers and other activities.

The oldest parts of St Anna’s are 12thCentury Norman.  It is possible that there was an earlier church on the site as foundations of a Saxon building were discovered under the chancel when restorations were undertaken during the 19th Century.

Thornbury is one of seven parishes in the Bredenbury benefice which extends from Ullingswick in the south to Collington in the north.   They are served by the Rector, the Rev. Elizabeth Sidwell, who ministers to our spiritual and pastoral needs.