Church of England Diocese of Hereford Yockleton

Yockleton: Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity is one of the northernmost parishes within the Diocese of Hereford and Pontesbury Deanery and is close to the Welsh border and has served the parish since 1861.

The Rector, Churchwardens and members of the Parish of Yockleton welcome visitors to the Church of the Holy Trinity which remains open  during the day from approximately 10.00am until 3.00pm

We trust that you will, on your visit, in a few moments of quiet, remember those who, across the centuries, have kept the Church alive, and pray for those who give their time, energy and support to the Church today

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Walking to Bethlehem for Christmas

Every day at 7 a.m. for 80d
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Holy Trinity Church

Join us in our pilgrimage from Holy Trinity, Yockleton to Bethlehem in time for Christmas.
It is a mere 6,000,000 steps so with the help of as many people as possible (at least 25) we could achieve our total by each stepping a minimum of 3000 steps a day. Count your steps as you go about your daily duties on your phone, a pedometer, or simply count your steps as you walk. If you can't walk yourself ask your children or grandchildren to walk for you.
Record your steps on the back of the sponsor form and keep a running total. Please obtain sponsorship if you can. Our target is to raise £2,500 much needed funds for Yockleton Church
Download your Sponsorship/Step Log form by clicking 'View attachment' below

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