About Us

Allerton church is situated at one end of Front Street in Chapel Allerton, and the Parish encompasses Stone Allerton too. Allerton is part of the Isle of Wedmore Benefice which also includes Wedmore, Blackford and Theale.

The church is at the centre of village life in the Allerton villages.

The Church Community
Our Church is lively and social, with many groups involved in our worship, special events or helping with the maintenance of the church and churchyard. We have a choir, flower arrangers, cleaners, a churchyard mowing rota and much more.

If you are interested in joining in our worship and helping in any other way we would be delighted to see you - please contact our churchwardens to find out more.

Every Sunday at 9.00 a.m.

Family Services once a month

Parish Priest: The Reverend Richard Neill, Vicar of Wedmore - 01934-713566 - [email protected]

Curate: Sam Healey - 07561- 697391   

Churchwardens:  Jane Midgley - 01934-712642 & Matthew Paul - 01934-712934

P.C.C. Secretary: Johnny Torrens-Spence - 01934-710188 - [email protected]