About Us

With a population of 520, Horsington, South Cheriton and Wilkinthroop form an extensive rural parish of some 245 homes. House prices tend to be high for first-time buyers which might explain why the majority of residents are aged 50 and over.

The PCC and congregation have in recent years developed a pattern of up to half a dozen events in the year, such as concerts, talks and other entertainments which have attracted good audiences and proved also to be very useful fund-raisers.

Several small family businesses, including a garage, riding school and award winning cheese maker, are based in and around the village. There are also farms, holiday lets and a renewable-energy plant. There is also a football club and a pub at South Cheriton, sadly the Half Moon is now closed. Our village hall hosts regular activities and can be hired at very favourable rates.  A village magazine is produced ten times a year and delivered to every house in the parish and includes 'news' and spiritual guidance from our Rector Kevin