Church of England Diocese of Bath & Wells Bath Saint Michael Without

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Crockfords contact details

The Revd Roger DRIVER
Roger has been Rector at St Michaels since 2016. With roots in the Dorset seaside town of Weymouth and having trained for ordained ministry in Bristol, following ordination in 1990, he served a curacy in the Church of St Peters, Woolton in Liverpool. Staying in the same Diocese he then worked for 7 years in outer estate Fazakerley on the outskirts of Liverpool and then in 2000 moved to be Team Rector in inner city Bootle where he served for 16 years. He served as Area Dean of Bootle for 8 years and a non-residentry Canon of Liverpool Cathedral before moving to Bath. Roger holds a number of other responsibilities including being a Simeon Trustee (who act as Patrons for a number of parishes across the Church of England), Trustee of Trinity (Bristol) Theological College and he is also a Charity Trustee for The 3rd Sector Group in Bath and North East Somerset which seeks to encourage and represent the Voluntary, Community and faith Sector in the local area.
The Revd Caroline Sarah Ann DEAKIN
Assistant curate

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Location information

Church Code:
Bath & Wells
Bath Saint Michael Without
Benefice ID:
Parish legal name:
Bath Saint Michael Without

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